It's beginning of autumn. After having a year 2020 like no other, 2021 is much brighter for our Lantern Fisherman. In fact, he is feeling so much better that he has even started to venture out into the streets of downtown Sherbrooke!


It was there that he had first met Manohée a long time ago, she who writes poetry and talks about nature thanks to her special hat. But one day, something untoward happens. After a big storm, Manohée loses her hat and, with it, her ability to write and tell stories. Discombobulated, she meanders in the streets, not knowing what to do. So our Lantern Fisherman comes to her rescue. After understanding what has happened to her, he offers to help her and takes her with him to a magical world in downtown Sherbrooke. Together, they begin a new quest to find Manohée's hat, the one that will give her back her creative powers. Curious, even daring, they discover many clues that lead them to different birds, and then after each bird, pieces of memories. But where is this hat? Creatures that seem half-human, half-magical appear along the way. Who are they? 

The Lantern Fisherman meets Manohée is the surprising result of a meeting of two stories: that of the Fisherman and that of Manohée, the latter being an original creation by Danika Cormier. The two co-directors, Cyril Assathiany and Danika Cormier, have brought together their imaginations and experiences to build a new and exciting adventure.


Birds, hats, nests, swamps, fire, feathers, music... In this city-sized game of hide-and-seek, the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes invites you to plunge through the streets of downtown Sherbrooke in a new and unexpected scenic universe to bring you into a most scintillating delirium. Whether you are 5, 20, 35 or 80 years old, the story of the Lantern Fisherman and Manohée is also yours. Don't forget to make your own lantern to take with you! 

Important Information

  • Max 50 people per performance (no vaccination passport needed)

  • The tour starts at the Centre des arts de la scene Jean-Besré, 250 Rue du Dépôt and ends at the Marché de la Gare

  • The tour lasts about 90 minutes, but stay with us afterwards for a lively Night Market!  

  • Make your own lantern and bring it with you. You can either attend a Lantern Workshop, choose a lantern to make from our Recipe Book or follow one of our Lantern Videos.

  • Performances continue if there is a little rain (but bring an umbrella!) 

  • 5$ per person, Register HERE from 14 September


NIght Market

The show ends at the Marché de la Gare Night Market. Stay with us to continue the party, discover local products and enjoy the shows. The Night Market is done in collaboration with the Marché de la Gare and the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke. Enjoy it and don't forget your lanterns! 


Artistic Director | Kristelle Holliday

Co-directors | Cyril Assathiany and Danika Cormier

Dancers | Simon Durocher-Gosselin, Élise Legrand and Joachim Yensen-Martin

Manohée | Danika Cormier

Fisherman | Aurelien Marsan

Guides| Gabriel Catudal, Marc Benazet, Isabelle Michon Campbell, Léo Aubin St-Jean, Flàvia Nascimento, Liliane St-Arnaud and the SherbyDance troop

Scenic Artists | Étienne Plante and Sandra Tremblay

Directrice de production | Andrée-Anne Pellerin

Technical Director | Jean-René Francoeur 

Lightening Designer | Julien St-Pierre

Costumes (dancers) | Simon Durocher-Gosselin

Music | Ze Radcliffe Fanfare and Claude-Andrée Rocheleau


Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September 2021

2 shows per night

First departure 6pm, Second show 8.30pm

50 people max par show

5$/person, TICKETS HERE

The Lantern Fisherman is back!

But who is his friend? Great to meet you Manohée ! 


The ticket office is open! Due to the limited number of people per performance, we have taken the decision to charge a small rate per ticket ($5 per individual / $15 per group of 4). Please respect the reservation. If you can't make it, let us know as soon as possible so we can offer the chance to someone else.

Friday 24
Friday 24
Saturday 25
Saturday 25





Kristelle Holliday
Artistic Director

Danika Cormier

Cyril Assathiany

Julien St-Pierre
Lightening Designer

Jean-René Francoeur
Technical Director

Andrée-Anne Pellerin
Production Director


Artistic + Production Team


The Fisherman, 
Manohée and

Three dancers


Scenic Artists and Guides