But where can the Fisherman be?


And why have the lanterns disappeared  from the lake?

Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of September 2020


20 shows per evening

First departure 7pm | Last departure 9.30 pm

Free - reservation obligatory


It’s the start of the year, the beginning of autumn. After a year like no other, the city of Sherbrooke finds itself plunged into an overwhelming gloom. The lake, in the center of the city, which had been filled with lanterns of happiness, has been depleted. The Fisherman, who plays such a crucial role to the happiness of the city’s residents, is dismayed and devastated by the disappearance of the lanterns and has disappeared. As a result, a fog has settled over the lake and another one, even thicker, hovers over people's lives. Where is their Fisherman? How will the lanterns find their way to the lake again? How will the people of Sherbrooke find happiness again?


In this hide-and-seek game taking place throughout the city, the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes invites you to meander downtown, delving into a new and unexpected universe with one sole objective: find the Fisherman, find the lanterns and bring him a spark of happiness. The lanterns have to find their way back to the lake so that we can all smile again!  


To encourage the Fisherman to come out of his hiding place as quickly as possible, we invite you to come with your own lantern that will shine a light to help you find your way!


Important information 

  • 1 group per performance (6 people maximum, 3 households maximum)

  • The performance takes about 60 minutes. 

  • The beginning of the performance is at the Centre des arts Jean-Besré, 250 rue du Dépôt.

  • Bring your lantern!

  • At the start of show, you will receive a code to access a map that will accompany you in your quest (we will also have a paper version for those who cannot use their phone).

  • Performances will continue if it rains (but bring an umbrella!). 

  • Free, but reservation is required (Register HERE from September 14th)


Secret Sunday

On the Friday and Saturday night performances, you will receive a very special invitation for Secret Sunday, a one-off event in a secret location that completes the story of the Fisherman and his lanterns of happiness. It takes place on Sunday, September the 27th. Enjoy! 

To find more  about the artists involved please click here (in French only) 


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