Thanks to the support of the Marché de la Gare de Sherbrooke, the Rivers of Light Night-Market will take place on Saturday the 28th of September.  You will be able to discover local producers and artisans as well as satisfy any late-night munchies with an array of seriously tantalizing food! 


A fabulous program of arts and music, heavily influenced by our « Étincelle Latine » theme is also on offer. 


Following last year's success, the event will begin at 7:00pm until closing. The Night Market will also be where the 2019 edition of the Rivers of Light Parade will end - a magnificent parade of lanterns that will have meandered through the streets of Sherbrooke.


It's going to be a party! Come and join us!



7.15pm - 7.55pm Renacer Andina  

Renacer Andino plays music from the Andes. This music applies to a very wide range of musical genres originating from the South American Andes. This region includes the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes; the mountains of Ecuador, northwestern Argentina, northern Chile, the Andean regions in Colombia and Venezuela. After several years off the scene, the group reunited with the addition of musician Wilson Santoyo.

7.30pm - 10pm Les Lueurs by Estela López Ortís 

Les Lueurs is an artistic project that offers a place to stop, recall and share during the Rivers of Light Night-Market. The artist Estela López Solís will welcome passers-by, individually or in small groups, to discuss the subject of light. This discussion will be as much the central subject of these exchanges, as a subtle presence favouring the sharing of stories and memories. With this relational and performative project, the artist wishes to explore the place that light occupies in peoples’ memories. She seeks to create a space and a moment of intimacy that is conducive to both exchanging and listening. It is a game of asymmetry with the festiveness of the lantern parade. 

8.30pm - 8.35pm Association péruvienne de l'Estrie 

Folklore dancing 

9.30pm Arrival of the Lantern Parade 

9.30pm - 10pm Herencia Latina

This group gives us a brilliant overview of the history of Colombia through various types of dance. Delving into the traditions of different parts of the country, each performance reflects the colors, stories and music characteristics of each place. Herencia Latina is firmly convinced that each type of dance tells a story, presents a culture and can convey feelings.

10pm - 10.05pm  La Fabrique Culturelle Competition

Announcement of the winners of the Fabrique Culturelle Lantern Competition and the winner of the piñata raffle. 

10.05pm - 11.00pm Los Pacos

Los Pacos are a gathering of musicians who are eager to make the public dance with catchy Latin American music. Whether it's Argentine reggae rock, Cuban ska or Colombian cumbia, Los Pacos offer a musical journey through a festive repertoire with a sound inspired by the roots of Latin American culture and mixing a concern for detail with raw energy. Get your dancing shoes on! 

Night-Market Participants

Boucherie de la gare

Fromagerie de la gare

Republique démocratique du Jambon


Picassiette chef traiteur 



Cortado Café Mobile

Allez Hop! Cupcakes

Méchamps Gourmands

La Fabrique à miel

Vallée des grands potagers

Pommes Bruno Despôts

La Clé des champs de St-Camille

Fundus Fungus

La Bleuetière des étangs

Diane Boucher

Lily Martin

Johanne Gendron

Potterie MD 

La Passion de Linda

Les Éditions Ouissis


Sophie dans les champs

Studio Art Shuffle

Carole Dubois

Dolly Valencia


Association Vénézuélienne

Association Péruvienne

École de cirque de Sherbrooke 

To take part in the Night-Market

If you wish to sign-up for the Night-Market and reserve a stall please register here.

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