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Sherbrooke, city of lanterns! 

Lanterns are at the heart of the festival and each year we offer you several ways to make them. The magic of the lanterns will light your way through the festival.  Over the years, several special projects have emerged from Rivers of Light and have found their way to different corners of the city. 


On these pages, discover the dates for the 2022 lantern workshops, visit Fleurivol, our bird lantern-sculpture born in 2021, view our lantern videos and read our lantern-making recipe book to make your own.

Lantern workshop calendar

It's time to make a lantern and stroll through the streets of Sherbrooke and the Night Market! This year, there are 3 routes and a specific lantern for each route (inspired by the characters of the tale) and imagined by the artist Sandra Tremblay. You can also choose to make a generic lantern, it's up to you! Check the calendar below for updated workshop dates.



Roxane Bertrand

Calendar ENG.png







* CASJB : Centre des arts de la scène Jean-Besré, 250 rue du Dépôt, Sherbrooke

** Parc-école (Parc Édouard-Jean-Desruisseaux : 353 rue de Mère-Thérésa, Sherbrooke

Meet our lantern artists 

Workshop cost

The goal of the workshop is to create a lantern for The Great Weave (our lantern parade) or the Night Market. This year we have removed the mandatory fee and it is now via voluntary contribution (suggestion: $5 per lantern!). You can take the lantern home after the workshop and, on the night of the walk, you will be given a small light to insert into it plus a stick to hold it high in the air (if you so wish). There is no reservation required for the lantern workshops, it is first come, first served!


With my professional experience in event management and my varied studies in visual arts, graphic design, start-ups, history and translation, I bring with me a great artistic versatility. Questioning our relationship to identity, to the stories we tell ourselves, to monstrosity and to deviations from norms, I am passionate about culture and thirsty for sharing knowledge and experiences.

Amélie Poulin, workshop host

I am an artist with a DEC in visual arts. My professional career began when I became a coach for my high school improvisation team. After having studied 1 year in drama at CEGEP, I reoriented myself in visual arts. I have performed at events such as the Boquébière and the Bain Mathieu in Montreal.

Amélie Poulin.jpg

Roxane Bertrand, workshop host

Sandra Tremblay, artist-designer


The main idea of my practice in painting is based on a reflection-consciousness of the habits of life of our current society (impact on mental health, on the environment, on the imaginary). The result is a playful vision of daily life in its dreamlike, theatrical aspect. I borrow from urban forms, from the poetry of public and private places and from usual accessories. It is a reconciliation of the contemporary human being with nature.

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