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In 2020, we were pleased to share with you 4 lantern-making videos by 4 different artists; Chloé Holliday, Simon Durocher-Gosselin, Flávia Nascimento and Lisa Kimberly Glickman


These 4 creative minds were excited to share their inspiration with you. Of course, you can still watch the videos in the comfort of your own home. Each lantern also comes with a set of written instructions (in English and French) so you can follow them step by step.


Don't forget to visit our Lantern Workshops page to see our workshop schedule for this year. 

If you want to make other types of lanterns you can also read our lantern recipe book. 


Sherby the fish by Chloé Holliday

Difficulty level: intermediate (several steps)

Chloé had created Sherby the Fish (+ siblings) for Rivers of Light 2019. In front of general amazement, we decided that it was time to share with you how Sherby was made!

About Chloé 

Chloe is always on the go when it comes to studying new techniques, whether it's woodworking, decorative arts, mosaics or textiles! She has fun playing with these various influences in her creations. Creator of the very first Rivers of Light lanterns in 2015, she has continued to offer us an array of different lantern shapes throughout the years. In this video, she has the great pleasure to welcome us in her garden to share this moment of creation with us in all conviviality.

Instructions in French here ​

Instructions in English here 

Video Credits | Artist - Chloé Holliday | Production - Claudia Arana | Photo Director - David Cruz | Editing - Ready2Post | Illustration - Pixels et Paillettes 

The Icosahedron Lantern by Simon Durocher-Gosselin

Instructions written in French here ​

Instructions written in English here 

Download model here

Download triangles simple + double here


Video Credits | Artist - Simon Durocher-Gosselin | Photo director - Simon Durocher-Gosselin | Editing - Ready2Post 

Level of difficulty : advanced​

Inspired by his studies in massage therapy, Simon proposes an icosahedron, a shape with 20 faces. This shape symbolizes water and helps circulate energy in a fluid, balanced way.

About Simon 

​An artist who is perpetually on lookout for what his environment has to offer, Simon explores and fuses circus and scenography techniques, constantly pushing the limits of his inventiveness. Simon was at the very first Rivers of Light lantern workshop in 2015 and has never ceased to amaze us with his scenographic vision of lanterns ever since! This video brings together artistic vision and technique alongside his trademark sense of humour.


The Little Baby Fish by Flávia Nascimento

Level of Difficulty : Easy  (Note :children might need help with the exacto !)

A cute Baby Fish who will accompany you in all your adventures!

About Flávia 

​​An outstanding musician, Flávia is also a keen practitioner of the visual and performing arts. Flávia has been participating in Rivers of Light for several years, wearing a number of different hats. We are ready to bet that you’ll have a smile on your face while watching this video!  

Instructions written in French here ​

Instructions written in English ici 

Video Credits  | Artiste - Flávia Nascimento | Photo Director -  Tom Wity | Editing Tom Wity et Ready2Post | Illustration - Pixels et Paillettes.

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Merci à 

The Water Lily by Lisa Kimberly Glickman (in English)

Difficulty Level : Easy  (Note: if you are doing this with children, they will need adult help with the scissors!)

​​A beautiful illuminated water lily to light up courtyards and gardens

About Lisa 

​Lisa Kimberly Glickman is an artist, art educator and photographer. Always happy to collaborate, she has become a true lantern-making machine in the preparation of the event. So many, but so many lanterns!

Instructions written in French here ​

Instructions written in English here 

Video Credits | Artist Lisa Kimberly Glickman | Photo Director Lisa Kimberly Glickman | Editing Ready2Post 

In collaboration with ELAN Québec


Click on the lanterns below for more examples 

Lanternes simples
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