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Il y a un nouveau voisin dans l'Est!


Together with Rues principales and members of the Fleurimont community, in 2021 artist Sandra Tremblay unveiled a new lantern-sculpture that found itself a new home at La Placette, on Rue King Est. 

Like the people of Sherbrooke, the bird-lantern at Placette King Est is welcoming, proud, unifying, spirited and forward-looking. In shape and colour, it is a joyful hybrid of a woodpecker, a red cardinal, a northern waxwing and a swallow.


Its creation is the result of the collective ideation of the citizens of Fleurimont, Rues Principales King Est, the visual artist Sandra Tremblay and the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes.

Adress : 524 rue King Est, Sherbrooke


Visual artist Sandra Tremblay is a professional painter, social artist and cultural mediator. Her paintings, often light and dark, draw on a playful vision of the human condition. In addition, she creates site-specific installations in a scenographic context as well as shadow theatre in urban spaces. Her research and proposals are often tinged with symbolism and sensuality. She has lived in Sherbrooke since 2007. She is originally from Lac-St-Jean.

About the artist

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